Thursday, May 26, 2011

Using a Rock Tumbler

I don't remember quite how I stumbled on this, but reading through stuff about jewelry and gems and shiny jewelry I saw something that said something about getting out little nicks in wire and shining it up all pretty with a rock tumbler. I knew people polished and used special pliers when working with wire, but I didn't know you could also use this cool machine.

So now, of course, I want one because I always have nicks because I am a bit of a newbie. I tried the coated pliers but I don't like the way they grip. I was going to try the rubber dip stuff that supposedly helps but didn't get around to that yet either.

I guess you put Dawn or some other soap in it along with "sterling shot." This is sort of like pins and other metal stuff and apparently it does not hurt much of anything except a gem or bead that was cracked already. Amazing.

Picture of Sterling Shot

I have read that Michael's sells these rock tumblers for a nice price, at least for my little necklaces--maybe not so much for someone who is doing a big hefty amount. So I am saving up.

Here is a funny blog post about using a jewelry tumbler and shot.

Here is some more information on how this works!

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