Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jewelry Booths and Craft Fairs

So I am thinking of maybe making it to a few craft fairs, one to look and maybe a couple to actually sell. I don't think I would be ready for the first one so I thought the best idea would be to check it out, get ideas, get my act together, get more products to sell ...

I have gotten a few great ideas from just looking at pictures on Flickr and Google images. Here are some cool things I have learned:

1. You don't need to buy those really expensive displays. I saw a great booth that used pretty colorful dishes and large books opened to the middle to display necklaces.  Find some things around the house that will be cohesive so your booth has one basic "look" and try out many different arrangements.

This is the one with the books and plates:

2. You need to have different levels of piles of stuff. Don't just put it all on the table. Have some higher, some lower, some medium.

3. Have a mirror. That kind of goes without saying but I am trying not to forget this one. :)

4. One way to perk up your booth is to get a huge print or 2 of your better pieces. This can be done at Wal-Mart I believe using their online photo studie. Get maybe a frameless frame kind of thing, just so it is protected. I think that would be a nice clean look. Be sure your photo is of good enough quality, though. Those can be a great look for little cost.

5. Take things you wouldn't normally think of like alcohol wipes and polishing stuff to keep it looking great even after being handled (or accidentally spilled on).

Well, that should be good for now. Please share any booth ideas or suggestions!

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