Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Shiny things obsession

If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life. Isn't that a famous quote somewhere? Excuse me while I dust off my brain ... and skip a Google check for now. But I have always loved the thought, if not the reality of needing money and my LOVE is making jewelry. Here is an example. I like to have fun names too and a theme that goes with each one. This one is called UFO: Unidentified Fashion Object. My main themes right now are Outer Space/the sky and starting on the Ocean line coming up here.

My day job is MT--medical transcriptionist. I bet you were thinking MT: Mouse Trainer right? Nah. I "type" for a living. But don't call me a typist because we hate that. We make doctors look smart. We listen to those same doctors mumble all day (many of them anyway, some are great) and go through a lot of keyboards because we bang our heads on them. a lot.

I do love my day job but not as much as making jewelry. It is an obsession.

So to get my business going I have been told to make a blog. The name Shiny Vine is partly my business name "beadievine" and a shout-out to Firefly, one of my favorite shows EVAH second only to Psych. Shawn and Gus are my one true loves but I couldn't very well name my blog "Whaaaat!!!" or "Lavender Gooms..."

I could, but then I would never achieve my dream of making and selling jewelry full time.

As a gift for following my blog, or heck, even reading it, I will give you the secret code for May to get free shipping. that is-- if my Lyme brain can remember it. Yes, I also have chronic Lyme disease. It's fun when writing a blog, especially the word-finding difficulties. And that is an example of sarcasm! You will also find a lot of that here.

Ok. May Secret Phrase is ... imworthit

Put that in the checkout here when you buy something and you will get free shipping.

If you prefer to pay shipping and want a free pair of earrings instead, message me on my shop (the link above and then on the left-hand side there is a button that says "contact."  Check with me to see if I have free earrings. If you are worried someone will buy the item in the meantime, go ahead and buy it and I will either make the free earrings or refund the 2.00 shipping charge if (for whatever reason) I cannot do free earrings for that item.

I will hopefully in the next couple of days here post the free earrings pictures for the items that will have them. They will be wire-type, fish-hooks with a matching bead or 2. You can always choose to see the earrings first before committing :) which is probably best anyway so I will get you a picture so we don't have any disagreements.

I am very grateful to my customers at this point and like to do freebies. Granted, they are not, say, a free puppy but I have some okay freebies stashed around here. ;)

Thanks for reading. Anything you want to see, comment away.


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