Monday, July 11, 2011

It Lives!

I apologize that I had to leave for a bit. I am alive, just got busy with paperwork. And work.

I will be opening the shop back up with all new necklaces and a few rings and earrings and bracelets I hope next week sometime.

Lots of neat new things coming up!

Since I sort of slacked on my give-away I am going to just send all 5 wonderful followers a flower :) Please email me your address to beadievine(at)

These will go out after I get the shop open. :)

Here is a new one I am not sure I am going to sell but I have the beads at a local store ... most of them, so I can make more if I get requests. It is a nice hanging size 21 inches so just at collar bone, a bit lower. The neat thing is I also wore it as a bracelet this weekend and even though it did not wrap all the way around 3 times, the magnetic clasp allowed me to attach it basically anywhere I wanted and it stayed pretty secure unless it got next to something else magnetic--then it sort of attached to IT. LoL. 

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